About us

Our Investment Philosophy

Managing money is a partnership with our clients. We do what is right for our clients, we will not follow market trends to the detriment of our clients and will seek value enhancement in everything we do.

  • Our investment philosophy is guided by the fundamental view that real estate is a separate asset class with its own distinct performance characteristics and risks and that future cashflow, not trophy status, drives the value of an asset. In addition, the various real estate sub-sectors, such as commercial, retail, industrial, residential and hotels have different performance characteristics and risks.
  • At the portfolio level, we take a long-term strategic view on asset allocation for real estate. By actively acquiring, managing, and re-balancing a portfolio of assets, we seek to deliver sound investment returns within acceptable levels of risk, according to the investment objectives of specific fund we are managing.
  • At the asset level, we adopt a strategic and active approach to the management of each investment. Our approach emphasises the value to be gained from managing the asset not only in the immediate term, but also longer term value creation that effective asset and development management generates as well as exiting the investment at the appropriate time in the cycle.