Rural and Agribusiness Research and Forecast Report | 2018
March 2018

Colliers’ report covers the performance of some of the key Rural and Agribusiness sectors across Australia and New Zealand. The following four key themes will be features of the industry thematic in 2018:

  • Consolidation of entities within major Agribusiness sectors – liberalised free markets and exposure to new export markets (e.g. TPP) has meant that agricultural firms have been driven to find scale efficiencies that allow them to compete globally and consequently, this has created an impetus for agricultural firms to consolidate.
  • Macro-Economic Impacts – February 2018’s US stock market correction served to spook global equity and currency markets. Such volatility may well provide renewed focus on the relevance of buying assets that provide a hedge against inflation. Agriculture is one such asset class.
  • Sale and lease back agreements in trend for succession planning
  • Greater dependence and development of agricultural technology

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