Listed Trusts

Overview of Listed Trusts

Folkestone manages an ASX listed real estate investment trust (A-REIT). A-REITs allow investors to invest in a portfolio of assets that aim to provide secure income and long-term capital growth. As A-REITs are listed on the ASX, units can be easily brought and sold via a stockbroker or an on-line broking facility, and therefore are more liquid than our unlisted Private Funds.

Folkestone currently manages the Folkestone Education Trust (ASX:FET).

Folkestone Education Trust

The Folkestone Education Trust (FET) is the largest Australian listed real estate investment trust (ASX: FET) investing in early learning properties within Australia and New Zealand. FET’s early learning properties are typically standalone, purpose built and located at high flow-through traffic locations primarily in metropolitan and major regional areas. The Trust’s properties are located in a broad geographic spread, minimising risk and benefitting from any positive movement in underlying land values.

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