A-REIT Securities Funds

An A-REIT ( Australian real estate investment trust) is an ASX listed investment vehicle that owns a portfolio of real estate assets such as office, retail, industrial, residential and real estate related social infrastructure assets. A-REITs may also undertake funds management and development activities. An A-REIT Securities Fund, like the Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Fund, is an unlisted managed investment scheme that invests in A-REITs, providing a diversified portfolio of listed real estate securities.

Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Fund

The Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Fund (Fund) is an unlisted, registered, managed investment scheme that actively invests in a diversified portfolio of predominantly Australian listed real estate investment trusts and real estate related securities. The Fund has exposure to a broad range of real estate assets including,...

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