Online Retailing


The eCommerce Growth Potential
July 2018

Given the usual US-Australia lag in market/consumer trends, this paper links the eCommerce trend experienced in the US to Australia to understand:

  • Where Australia currently lies in the eCommerce growth path
  • Australia’s potential growth in eCommerce over the medium to long run – placing a dollar figure for the industry

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Building omnichannel excellence
May 2017

As consumers move more of their shopping online, consumer-goods companies need to meet service and efficiency challenges across multiple channels. That calls for a new approach to the supply chain.

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The Amazon Network
24 May 2017

Amazon’s strategic footprint in the global arena means that it has one of the most sophisticated global logistics network.  The fulfillment of Amazon’s value proposition relies heavily on its logistics and distribution process (i.e. efficient supply chain management).

This paper takes a closer look at the different type of operational facilities Amazon has established to effectively service its target consumer market.  In addition, Amazon’s footprint within California and Canada are outlined as example markets.

Colliers industrial team have determined optimal locations for Amazon to establish its operational facilities in Sydney – for greater insights around this analysis please contact one of our industrial experts.

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The New Digital Divide – The Future Of Digital Influence In Retail
Deloitte University Press
September 2016

Deloitte’s New digital divide report, deepens the exploration of the growing gap between the digital experiences that brick-and-mortar retailers are delivering and the experiences that their customers actually want. It continues the work Deloitte have been doing since 2012 to track the impact of digital on consumers’ behaviour and their shopping habits.

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Digital Solutions. Simplified – Presented At Connected Consumer NSW
James Ingram – Presented At Connected Consumer NSW
August 2015

With constant improvements in technology, consumers are becoming increasingly connected and have expectations which are not being met by the current retail experience. In order to remain relevant and deliver on these expectations, retailers have to look at taking the benefits of the online experience, and bringing them in-store with technology. The retail space has a perfect opportunity to deliver personalised experiences using a variety of technologies. Just like websites in the 90’s, early adopters are investing now in delivering high definition platforms to their consumers in-store, setting their businesses up with a solid foundation for meeting growing demands in the future.

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Navigating The New Digital Divide – Digital Influence In Australian Retail

Many retailers are dramatically underestimating the influence of digital and are caught in a divide where they are making digital investments that primarily support their eCommerce business rather than their brick-and-mortar stores. Australian consumers have one of the highest appetites for digital engagement in the developed world. Digital interactions influence 40% of in-store visits in Australia, compared with 27% in the UK. This year, Deloitte conducted surveys with 2,001 random Australian consumers to understand how they engage with digital when shopping, and to quantify how these interactions influence their in-store purchase behaviours. The study shows that local retailers may be underestimating the power of digital influence on Australians’ shopping behaviour and the speed at which it is growing. What can retailers do to ride this wave of digital influence? Find out more in Deloitte’s report.

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How Australian Retailers Are Transforming The E-commerce Marketplace
AIMIA And The Australian Centre For Retail Studies At Monash University
Oct 2014

Now in its sixth year, the AIMIA Retail Research Report has shown annual, exponential growth in the adoption rates across the board for interactive, digital and e-tail services.

Retailers are devoting increasing digital resources to their customers and to servicing them via digital means. A joint initiative of Australia’s digital industry peak body, AIMIA, and the Australian Centre for Retail Studies at Monash University, the research aims to give retailers and digital media professionals an independent benchmark by which to assess their own business priorities and opportunities in the online space.

The 2014 report identifies key trends including:

  • How retailers will be focusing their digital budgets
  • What business leaders expect to be getting from online retail in the next 1 to 2 years
  • How the focus on customer satisfaction and experience is shaping strategy and tactics

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