Data Centres

Data Infrastructure Investments: An Essential Infrastructure Asset Class or A Private Equity Play?
January 2019

As the lines between infrastructure and private equity become increasingly blurred, the question of categorization – while topical – becomes more trivial. A more relevant consideration is to understand the risks around the cashflows of data infrastructure assets to ensure that the returns are commensurate.

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Data Centres
October 2018

In today’s dynamic digital world, the way people live and work is constantly changing. Data centres have never been in higher demand as they become an essential part of any type of business. Find out more on why Asia Pacific’s favourable demographics are shaping the growth of this asset class in our latest report as well as trends and opportunities available for investment.

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Surfing the data wave – The surge in Asia Pacific’s data centre market
January 2017

This is a period of rapid growth in demand for data centre services in Asia Pacific. Coupled with the proliferation of rich media and digital solutions, the increased digital connectivity subsequently results in a sharp growth in the amount of data generated, consumed, stored and transferred.

This publication provides an overview of Asia Pacific’s data centre services market outlook, the key growth drivers and strategic factors to consider before making an investment decision.

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