Flexible Perspective
November 2018

Colliers International has sought out the opinions of some of Australia’s leading office owners and investors to gather their overarching views of the market.
What do some of the findings say?
• 90% of leasing landlords agreed that co-working is positive for the market; however 65% believe co-working is positive for their business.
• 45% of leasing landlords said that co-working has changed their tenancy profile within their asset (i.e. corporate to casual).
• Almost half of investor landlords responded with ‘no impact’ when asked if their investors look more or less favourably upon new developments with a co-working anchor.

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CBRE Pacific Corporate Coworking Survey – The Future is Flexible
November 2018

Key Highlights:
In the next 2 years, Australian and New Zealand occupiers:
• 52% expect to decrease their traditional leased office space footprint
• 50% expect to increase their use of coworking space
• 45% expect to increase their use of meeting/event space
• The main driver for current users of coworking space is to enable greater flexibility
• 84% would prefer to occupy a building that has meeting/event space over one that doesn’t
• Opportunity to provide greater diversification in the coworking space offering to meet different industry needs

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Is Coworking Dead? And Other questions About Real Estate and Technology
Dror Poleg

October 2018Explores 6 big questions that touch key aspects of technology’s impact on office, retail, housing, coworking, coliving, data, privacy, network effects, valuations.

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Exploiting the Agile Revolution: Prospects for Landlords and Investors
October 2018

Investors and landlords must re-evaluate their investment strategies in response to the agile revolution. This report by CBRE Research identifies and explains the key approaches and challenges for core, value-added, and opportunistic investors seeking to capitalise on the boom in flexible spaces.

  • The rapid growth of flexible spaces, which expanded by 57% in 2017 in major Asia Pacific markets, is altering the structure of office leasing demand. In H1 2018 alone, 15% of office leasing transactions in the region involved flexible spaces
  • While less than half of coworking operators in Asia Pacific are profitable, larger and more established providers are performing well. Flexible space operators must ensure their business model is sustainable and can survive the next downward cycle.
  • Selected transactions involving buildings with flexible spaces in major business districts show they do not command a significant premium over similar properties without flexible spaces. However, non-Grade A buildings with flexible spaces in decentralised locations can achieve a capital value premium of around 5-10% over similar properties without these spaces.

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March 2018

With over $4B in funding, WeWork is expanding aggressively at home and abroad and pursuing diverse investments that have raised eyebrows. But its real-estate-as-a-service offering and trove of data on optimal office design could make the company’s value prop far more than a marketing ploy. In this report, CBInsights show you how WeWork is:

  • – Shedding riskby shifting from long-term leases on its properties to real estate deals with much less risky commitments.
  • – Using its data and tech advantageto create a blueprint for optimal office design and superior worker productivity that can’t be easily replicated by other real estate companies.
  • – Turning itself into a real estate services company targeting enterprises.

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A New Era of Coworking

The coworking revolution is transforming real estate. Pioneered by start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers, a growing number of companies, large and small, are exploring how to incorporate the concept. Coworking and liquid or flexible space are fast becoming critical components of wider Corporate Real Estate (CRE) and portfolio strategy. This paper explores the benefits and barriers to coworking. It identifies four models that organisations can apply to maximise value from the coworking experience.

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Sydney Coworking Insight
Knight Frank
October 2016

Knight Frank take a look at the Sydney coworking market – including providers, pricing and location.

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